Issue 4 Articles

Take Constipation Appendix Disease Seriously

Review Article

To pay attention to the “constipation appendicitis”, and to explore the clinical management strategy of reoperation due to the misdiagnosis of intractable constipation appendicitis

Personalized Evidence-Based Medicine in Need of High-Quality Data

Short Communication

The truth in medicine does not exist, since 3500 publications are added every day to the knowledge base of medicine[1]. Each day the truth changes a little. Today, evidence-based medicine with its key methodology of systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials attempts to sift out the valuable ‘true’ information[2]

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Thiopurine Therapy in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Review Article


The number of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is increasing in the worldwide. Thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) plays a significant role in the metabolism of thiopurine drugs.


Volumetric-Based Analysis of In-Vivo and Ex-Vivo Quantita-tive MR Diffusion Parameters in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Correlation with Pathologic Findings

Research Article

Imaging biomarkers are needed to assess modifications in pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PA) induced by stroma-targeted therapies. The study investigates correlations between quantitative diffusion parameters obtained in vivo and ex vivo with a tumour volumetric approach and quantitative pathologic findings including fibrosis, vascular and total nuclear densities in PA