Issue 5 Articles

Diversion Colitis: A Bioenergetic Model of Pathogenesis

Research Article

Diversion colitis is characterized by mucosal inflammation in segments of the colon that are surgically diverted from the fecal stream. This inflammatory disorder is reported to occur in up to 100% of individuals after colostomy or ileostomy, often occurring within a year following surgery

G-POEM in Patients with Gastro paresis – Gambling for Healing or Bigger Armamentarium?

Review Article

Despite the euphoria about the introduction of a novel and apparently successful treatment in gastroparesis, the amount of high quality data supporting the clinical utility of G-POEM are limited. Above all, the selection of patients with gastroparesis for G-POEM is problematic

Combined Single Surgical Cession Anatomical Trans-Sphinc- ter Anal Fistulectomy and Ano-Plasty Technique Clinical Results

Research Article

Surgical techniques applied to treat ano-rectal fistulas has proved variable results, depending on how complex the fistula is. Many publications report promising results regarding simple and complex trans-sphincter fistulas

Multiple Hemangiomas of Small Bowel Leading to Recurrent Intussusceptions in Perioperative Period

Case Report

We report a case of 35-year-old woman with recurrent intussusceptions caused by multiple hemangiomas of the small bowel during hospitalization. When she was admitted to emergency room, multiple hemangiomas of the small bowel leading to intussusceptions was diagnosed through laparotomy

Andrographolide Ameliorated Inflammation through Inhibition of NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Research Article

Stressors have varied biological effects on gastrointestinal system which are increasingly recognized as enhanced gut permeability, dysbiosis and inflammation in the gut.Endotoxins, the metabolites released by harmful gut microbes are one of the stressors resulting