Issue 3 Articles

Eosinophilic Hepatitis an Unfrequently Case of Hepatotoxicity Due To Drugs

Clinical Image

An interesting case of eosinophilic hepatitis related to an antitumor drug Imatinib. The histologic pictures are very rare and very interesting also for the disappearance of the lesion after removing the drug.

Direct Acting Antivirals in Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 3 and Advanced Cirrhosis

Research Article

Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAAs) have revolutionized the management of hepatitis C infection. However, genotype 3 cirrhosis is still difficult to treat. We report our experience in the management of geno- type 3 cirrhosis with DAA’s. We analysed 111 adult cirrhotics with genotype 3 infection of which 54 (48.6%) had Decom- pensated Cirrhosis (DC). Patients with Compensated

Fever, Abdominal Pain, and Lymphocytic Ascites in a Young Immigrant from Western Africa

Case Report

Tuberculous peritonitis is an uncommon disease in countries with low tuberculosis (TB) inci- dence, most often affecting non-white race, foreign-born individuals. We describe a case of TB with peritoneal involvement in a 32-year-old man immigrated to Italy from Burkina Faso, who presented with a history of fever, malaise

Increased Serum Uric Acid Level is Positively Associated with Ulcerative Colitis: A Retrospective Case-Control Study

Research Article

Recent studies have found that elevated uric acid in intestine during an inflammatory response could exacerbate intestinal disease. The aim of this study was to investigate the association of serum uric acid level with Chinese ulcerative colitis

HO-1 as a Dynamic Sensor in the Livers of Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion Rats

Research Article

Heme oxygenases, mainly including heme oxygenase-1(HO-1) and heme oxygenase-1(HO-2), play a key role in protecting from oxidative stress and inflammation associated with vascular disease. Little is known, however, about the roles of HO-1 and HO-2 in the livers of rats with chronic cerebral hypo perfusion. The study aims to evaluate the expression and roles of HO-1 and HO-2 in the livers of cerebral hypo perfusion rat

Does Measured Aggression with Stereotactic Hypo Fractionated Radiotherapy and TACE Allow Liver Transplant in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Portal Vein Tumour Thrombus – A Retrospective Study

Research Article

Patients with liver confined HCC with PVTT and minimum 1000 cc volume of uninvolved cirrhotic liver underwent SHORT and TACE, former administered using Rapid Arc, dose 32-50Gy in 5-14 fractions. TACE was performed using gel foam slurry, Inj. C is platinum and PVA. Liver transplant was performed on radiological evidence of recanalization or conversion to bland thrombus, liver and venous system confined HCC and good general condition